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X Ray Results

Dr. Rob Elder and His Unique Approach

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In 2009 Dr. Elder began studying under the tutelage of Raymond Wiegand, D.C., who is not only a chiropractor certified in CBP as well, but also a mechanical engineer and a physicist. He developed a system called the Spinal Analysis System, which produces a comprehensive review of xrays by performing complex geometric measurements, calculations, and analysis. This combined information resource quantitatively and objectively baselines the patient's structural biomechanics for clinical management consideration and allows for pre and post treatment comparison.  It also provides assessment of compensatory and failed adaptation as well, and motion studies provide further insight into form, function and dysfunction. Along with this extremely unique approach to spinal biomechanics, he has developed a "4 Pillars of Health" approach, addressing spinal mechanics, disc health, post injury scar tissue healing and cell membrane potential, all of which synergistically play a vital role in spinal function. 


Dr. Elder has been pursuing the keys to optimal assessment and treatment of spinal conditions since he started private practice in1991. Although he was acquiring good outcomes with his care he delivered, he saw the lack of quantifiable data in chiropractic, having been involved in research at University of Missouri-Columbia Hospital and Barnes Hospital, and began searching for the best, most scientific way to assess a patient's spine and then to treat it and track progress. He received his certification in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), which uses linear algebra, physics and engineering to assess a patient's spine and posture as compared to published norms. 

Dr. Elder also utilizes nutritional support and functional medicine to address any gaps and weak links that may interfere with a patient achieving an optimal outcome. In 2023 he received his certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, a dramatically new non surgical alternative and joined Surgery Centers of Missouri as a treating and attending physician, where he works side by side with pain management physicians, orthopedic and neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and registered nurses.

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